Work Package 8

WP 8: Project coordination and overall management


The coordination and overall management of the ARRAINA project will utilise the project management expertise of two partner institutions (partner 1 INRA and 21 INRA Transfert) together with the expertise of WP leaders. The overall coordination will be the responsibility of INRA who will be responsible for all contractual arrangements and reporting to the EC, while INRA Transfert (an INRA subsidiary specialised in management of European research and development project) will carry out the operational technical and financial management. INRA Transfert will be in charge of the operational management, the day-to-day administrative and financial administration, while the administration of payments from the EC and the transfer of funds to the partners will be managed by the coordinator, INRA.


The overall management plan designed by this project is aimed at achieving four main objectives:

  1. Co-ordination of scientific and financial activities according to the work plan;
  2. Monitoring results to control their scientific quality regarding the fulfilment of the planned objectives, quality of the result, timing, spent resources and worldwide state of the art;
  3. Efficiency of the organisation setup to support the project, with special attention paid to financial, logistics, information, coordination issues, quality and conformity to EC rules and procedures;
  4. Prepare the financial and technical reports for the Commission.

Planned activities:

  • Establishment of the ARRAINA Collaborative Workspace
  • Establishment of the management guidelines
  • Organisation, execution and post-processing of the Kick-Off and the Annual Project Meetings
  • Risk management
  • Consortium management
  • Management of Intellectual property

Expected results:

The management will be sufficiently flexible to enable its work programme remain relevant throughout external events, whatever scientific, technological, or even societal. The management of the project needs to be strong enough to make such a large consortium working together and the project being implemented in conformity with the ongoing work plan.

Lead Partner:

INRA Transfert S.A. (IT)
Contact person: Héloïse Simonson
Email: heloise.simonson(at)


Logos of partners playing a role in this WP

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