Work Package 7

WP 7: Dissemination, training and technology transfer


The quality of European research is undoubted but its translation into innovations in the industry lags behind the one of its competitors in USA and Japan. Therefore ARRAINA has the ambition to develop a co-innovation trajectory, where scientists and stakeholders together share the responsibility for knowledge generation in research, translation of this knowledge into technology innovations and dissemination of these innovations to a wider public in industry and society. Co-innovation processes require intense cooperation in the knowledge chain, from fundamental research over strategic and applied research into knowledge application. Actors in this chain are universities, research institutes, R&D departments in the industry and so-called techno starters. The ARRAINA consortium encompasses all these actors, hence is very well equipped to take up such an innovation trajectory.


ARRAINA will make a discerning analysis of the research and technical outputs of the project, and ensure that they are effectively disseminated among the following stakeholder groups: i) feed producers and food processing industries, ii) farmers, iii) policy makers, iv) consumers, and v) scientists. It will ensure that the outcomes of the project will support advances in the development of alternative feeds tailored to the nutritional requirements of European fish species.

Planned activities:

Co-Innovation workshops

Training courses

Dissemination of ARRAINA outputs via:

  • Website communication
  • Publications in scientific and popular magazines
  • Press releases, brochure, newsletters
  • E-based learning tools
  • Booklets
  • Audio-visual documents

Organising an internal call to support a "proof of concept" project

ARRAINA Conferences

Mobility Exchange Programme

Expected results:

Direct involvement of SMEs from the aquaculture industry in the ARRAINA project will ensure an effective take-up of ARRAINA results. WP7 will provide suitable technology transfer strategy for innovative results in order to facilitate the uptake and use of the exploitable results generated in ARRAINA. Further, in its dissemination tasks, ARRAINA will pay specific attention that stakeholders and junior professionals from the new EU member states and associated countries are reached.

Lead Partner:

Wageningen Universiteit (WU)
Contact person: Johan Verreth
Email: Johan.Verreth(at)


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