Public Deliverables

ARRAINA D1.1 Initial list of early biomarkers of relevance for physiological traits (PDF 2.43MB)

ARRAINA D1.2 Life cycle and challenged reference values of selected biomarkers in three representative fish species (PDF 8.62MB)

ARRAINA D1.3 Available list of new biomarkers of relevance for physiological traits: all species except Carp (PDF 1.66MB) 

ARRAINA D2.2 Determine appropriate microdiet water content (PDF 0.57MB)

ARRAINA D2.3 Effect of the different microparticle prototypes (PDF 0.83MB)

ARRAINA D2.5 Scientific publications on digestibility of different feed microparticles for marine fish larvae: carp, seabass and sea bream (PDF 1.48MB)

ARRAINA D3.1 Review on nutrient requirement in the five targeted fish species Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, sea bream, sea bass and carp at critical life stages during production (PDF 2.26MB)

ARRAINA D3.2 Quantitative nutrient requirement data for Atlantic salmon and sea bream when using new sustainable fish feeds; with emphasis on micronutrients (total package of vitamins and minerals), including bioavailability data at critical life stages (sea bream only) (PDF 0.22MB)

ARRAINA D4.1 Report on the effects of experimental diets on growth, development, health and welfare of juvenile fish 

ARRAINA D4.2 Recommendations with respect to diet design that limit the effects of replacement of FM and FO in juvenile fish of the five species studied (PDF 2.13MB)

ARRAINA D5.1 Ingredient database on technological criteria of plant ingredients and development of a predictive model associating its use and threshold levels to physical pellet quality (PDF 1.49MB)

ARRAINA D6.1 List of the effects of first feeding with specific diets in larvae (fry) (PDF 1.93MB)

ARRAINA D7.1 ARRAINA brochure (PDF 0.52MB)

ARRAINA D7.2 Website open to the public (PDF 1.38MB)

ARRAINA D7.3 Dissemination strategy agreed with stakeholders (PDF 0.98MB)

ARRAINA D7.5 Organisation of the ARRAINA conferences (PDF 5.67MB)

ARRAINA D7.6 Organisation of the ARRAINA workshops (PDF 1.46MB)

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