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Competences: The Laboratory of Fish Nutrition and Pathology of HCMR-IA, which is involved in the project, is the main research laboratory in Greece focusing on nutritional research for Mediterranean species. Other directions developed by the laboratory, in close link with the nutrition sector, are those of pathology concentrating on the effects of dietary manipulations on fish health as well as in disease diagnosis and treatment and quality The Lab has participated in many National and European projects and has long existing contacts with most of other partners of the current proposal. It has also strong contacts with the productive sector in Greece, both fish and feed producers. The Technological Education Institute (TEI) of PIREUS will be involved as a Third Party of HCMR to contribute to Task 5.4.

TEI will not ask for reimbursement of their costs incurred by their contribution to this task.

Material resources: The Laboratory facilities include: A large number of tanks of 100 to 1000l volume supplied with sea water either in open or recirculated flow and a challenge test facility. Laboratories very well equipped for analytical work including specialised equipment like GC-FID, GC-MS, HPLCs with different detectors including MS detector, fast LC-DAD and orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight mass spectrometer (Q-Tof) coupled with two ionisation sources, MALDI and ESI, the last for proteomic analysis.

Role: The Laboratory will lead WP5 (Effects on the environment) and also participate in WP2, WP3 and WP4 performing a number of the studies concerning amino acid, lipid and mineral requirements of Mediterranean fish, delivery vectors for feed additives and long term experiments with seabass.

Staff members’ profile:

  • Dr Maria Alexis head of the group. She has considerable experience in fish nutrition. She is currently coordinator of the working group for fish feeds of the EATIP platform.
  • Dr J. Nengas, Research Director. He has long experience in fish nutrition with main emphasis on fish feed production and mineral requirements
  • Dr E. Fountoulaki Senior Researcher in fish nutrition with main emphasis on lipid requirements and digestive processes.
  • Dr Y. Kotzamanis. Senior Researcher in fish nutrition with main emphasis on amino acid and protein nutrition
  • Dr K. Grigorakis. Senior Researcher in fish quality
  • Dr G. Rigos. Senior Researcher in fish pathology
  • Dr. Dimitrios Dimogiannopoulos (Assistant Professor, Department of Automation, TEI of Pireus) has previous expertise in mathematical modeling that will be required for assessing textural quality by the novel technique described in Task 5.4.

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