Competences: Landcatch Natural Selection Ltd (LNS) is a smolt producer with considerable expertise in molecular genetics and is an independent supplier of Breeding Programme Technology, Atlantic salmon eggs to Europe and Chile, and an SME participant in the proposed ARRAINA project. LNS houses the technical staff of the breeding program in an in-house DNA genotyping laboratory at Alloa, between Stirling and Edinburgh, Scotland, It operates a UK hatchery and has broodstock production facilities in Argyll, Scotland. LNS operates the Breeding Program and is responsible for eggs sales to Europe and Chile, currently Landcatch stock supply 15% of the world salmon market. Landcatch Ltd a sister company is contracted to hold and rear the LNS broodstock and is responsible for the sale of 6 million juvenile salmon smolts to Scotland, Ireland, France and Norway. LNS has been involved in several other national and EU funded projects, notably AquaMax and currently Salmotrip, principally by providing genetically characterised stocks and undertaking genotyping services and fish experiments.

Material resources: The LNS strain of Atlantic Salmon has been under intense closed selection since 1982 and in 1996 the breeding program was enhanced with full pedigree selection. This involves a strategic combination of facilities including a 200-tank ‘family unit’. LNS has extensive expertise on triploidisation, breeding, egg incubation, smolt production and on-growing through the use of sentinel farms. These facilities and expertise will be available to the project, mainly through WP2 and WP5 in collaboration with other ARRAINA partners.

Roles: LNS will be involved in WP2 and WP5 and host a long term trial throughout a salmon life cycle (from egg to harvest) aiming to test the effects of experimental diets and ploidy on salmon physiology (growth, smoltification, reproduction, disease resistance…), metabolism and quality.

Staff members’ profile:

  • Prof. Ron Roberts. Ph D FRCVS FRCPath FRSE. Technical Director of Landcatch and of LNS. Former Director of Institute of Aquaculture, Stirling; Member of EFSA (EU); Hagerman Distinguished Visiting Professor University of Idaho (USA). 40 Years experience in Aquaculture and fish pathology research.
  • Neil Manchester. B.Sc. NDA. Production Director, 20 years experience in high technology aquaculture systems, Responsible for all production on Landcatch Farms, Non Executive Director, LNS.
  • Dr. Derrick Guy. Ph.D, B.Sc. Dip. Genetics. Head of Quantitative Genetics. 30 years experience in quantitative genetics in livestock and fish industries.

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