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Competences: VDS is a fresh water trout selection and reproduction centre.

It is one of the most advanced trout egg producers in Europe. VDS has specific competences in commercial farming of broodstock fishes and long experience of RTD works in collaboration with public research centres. Recently, VDS was involved in the EU granted RTD project “FINEFISH”.

Material resources: VDS facilities include 2 fish farms, both using pure spring water and both listed as approved facilities for European listed diseases.

The main farm (“Sarrance”) benefits from an exceptional fresh water spring at a very significant flow (450 litres/sec at minimum) and constant temperature (8.5°C). It is used for farming the juveniles to adult size, for reproducing the brood fish, and for incubating the eggs. Total farming volume is 1700 m3.

The second farm (“Escot”) is smaller (250 m3). It also benefits from a constant temperature spring (14°C). This farm is used for fingerlings farming, from hatching until 50 gr mean weight.

Role: VDS will be involved in WP 4 of the ARRAINA project.

Its role will be to test different feeds under “commercial farming conditions” on broodstock fishes (from egg-stage until second reproduction at 3 years) and to measure the reproduction performance obtained with the different regimes.

Staff members’ profile:

  • Frederic Cachelou (FCA) is an agronomic engineer who has been involved in fish farming since 1982. He has been involved in various R&D projects including development of turbot farming in southern France, development of Cod farming in Norway. Until 2007 FCA was the general manager of “Ferme Marine de Douhet” (France), one of the leading sea bream hatcheries in Europe. FCA is managing Viviers de Sarrance since 2008.
  • Ludovic Leroux (LLE) is a qualified technician specialised in aquaculture. He has been working for Viviers de Sarrance since 2005. During the past years LLE has been highly involved in the RTD works of VDS, and especially in the selection program. LLE is managing all the “informatics” involved in the selection process.
  • The other staff members (André Lacoste, Jean Paul Inda, and Yann Pelle) have a long experience of RTD work and are trained for collecting all the necessary information needed for RTD works.

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