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Competences: Norel S.A. is a medium size enterprise with 30 years of experience in animal nutrition. Norel produces feed materials for animal nutrition (calcium salts of fatty acids, hydrogenated fat and micronised soya meal), additives (flavours, probiotics, gut health enhancers, etc.) and premixes (mycotoxin binder, bactericides, fungicides, etc.). Norel S.A. employees 85 people in Spain in its three factories, 2 R&D labs and 2 offices, exports to more than 54 countries and is running a CDTI project on new raw material production and has perceived a Torres Quevedo on the application of probiotics and gut health enhancers in animals in the last 3 years.

Material resources: Norel S.A. counts with two R&D laboratories, dedicated to microbiology and chemistry. Both laboratories can run in-vitro trials (to test inhibition on pathogenic bacteria growth or invitro digestibilities), as well as initial studies about the possibility of fermenting different strains of bacteria or viability for industrial production.

Role: The role of Norel in the Project is to provide raw materials than can be used in aquaculture nutrition as well as to study already existing and new feed additives that would either allow the use of raw materials in aquaculture or would improve intestinal health, and hence, productivity. Norel can develop the feed ingredient (also known as matrix) values for every raw material that is produced by the company or is included in the project.

Staff members’ profile:

  • Juan José Mallo Revilla: Technical Director at Norel S.A. Agronomical Engineer by Madrid UPM. Juan José has 5 years of experience as researcher on monogastric (poultry and swine) nutrition (Nutreco B.V.). The projects were focused on calculating the matrix values of different and new raw materials, studying the effect of different additives and raw materials on animal´s health and productivity.
  • Waldo Nuez Ortín: Project Manager Aquaculture at Norel S.A. DVM, MSc Waldo Nuez has tested new raw materials (DDGS) in animal nutrition and in modelling application of nutritional values. Waldo´s task is to locate the needs of the animals and look for solutions for them, as well as to create specific solutions for aquaculture nutritional problems.

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