Competences: GIFAS is a privately owned independent research institution established in 1989 providing experimental facilities for the aquaculture industry. Our international client base ranges from industry to educational institutes through which we undertake both collaborative and commissioned research. We also undertake internally derived research projects encompassing both technical and biological aspects of the aquaculture industry. Through our small-scale facilities we offer controlled research under realistic environmental conditions whereas, our large-scale facilities provide an opportunity to evaluate and implement scientific understanding to commercial production strategies. Over the past decade, GIFAS has undertaken numerous trials focusing on replacing marine with terrestrial feed components. Such projects have been financed by The Norwegian Reserch Council (NRC), EU (Researching Alternatives to Fish Oils in Aquaculture – RAFOA) and more recently with the US Department of Energy.

Material resources: GIFAS has two separate land bases servicing five main sea farm sites and one technical test site for exposed conditions. We transfer 1000 000 smolts to sea every year, giving an annual harvest of 4500 tonnes. We currently have concessions to farm Atlantic salmon, trout and Atlantic cod. Small scale facilities consists of 5x5m cages with waste feed control systems whereas large scale trials are undertaken in 60 and 90m circumference polar circle cages. Water quality parameters are continually evaluated at all sites using fully integrated environmental data loggers. Our services include fish and feed sampling through to manufacturing test feeds for use in small scale using vacuum coater technology. Through our infrastructure GIFAS can also offer the potential for fully integrated research allowing us to focus on all phases of the production cycle: freshwater, seawater, harvesting, processing and distribution.

Role: GIFAS will be responsible for sea based activities on Atlantic salmon within WP3.

Staff members profile:

  • Dr Johan Johansen, R&D manager, PhD aquaculture.
  • Dr Patrick Reynolds, R&D project coordinator, PhD aquaculture.
  • Ronald Jørgensen, Daily manager, Graduate engineer, marine technology.
  • Gerhard Eliassen, Trial coordinator, MSc epidemiology/population ecology.

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