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Competences: AQUATT is an SME specialising in scientific knowledge transfer and management activities. For more than 18 years, AQUATT has participated in European Commission-financed projects. In 2010, AQUATT won a flagship Seventh Framework (FP7) project as coordinator of MARINETT, and is a work package leader for six other projects. While AQUATT has a customised role in each project and consortium, it is generally responsible for end-user focused activities, dissemination, communication, and technology transfer. AQUATT services often extend into the areas of project management, event planning, stakeholder consultation, impact assessment, and piloting evaluation methodologies. AQUATT was born in 1992 to service the aquaculture industry. In parallel to our work supporting research, AQUATT has a long track record in the field of education and training, informing strategies, and creating networks to exchange best practice. AQUATT aspires to work with research leaders and dedicated top scientists who can bring about solutions to help sustain Europe into the future. AQUATT can build on this valuable work by transferring knowledge to result in positive change.

Material resources: AQUATT adds-value to the consortium not through research infrastructures per se, but rather in its capacity to connect the proposed project to four initiatives listed in “Table 5 – Expected information flows between ARRAINA and European projects.” AQUATT functions as the secretariat and helpdesk for the more than 110 members of AQUATNET. The AQUAMED project has commissioned AQUATT to coordinate international stakeholder events. In the AQUAINNOVA project, AQUATT is responsible for putting in place collaborative processes and methodologies, and for knowledge transfer. AQUATT is leading the AQUAEXCEL training, knowledge & technology transfer and communication networking activities.

Role: AQUATT will participate in WP7, leading Task 7.3: Dissemination of ARRAINA outputs. AQUATT will provide a public-facing project brand and develop suitable marketing material. In Task 7.3, AQUATT will particularly focus its activities toward countries from the enlarged EU in order to ensure that the results of the project are actually meeting the end-users of the project throughout Europe and that the potential impact of the project is met.

Staff members’ profile: Business operations today are led by a senior management team, and supported by an experienced staff of programme managers and project officers. A Board of Directors governs AQUATT, with four Irish directors and three European directors. A representative from the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers also has a non-voting position.

  • Mr David Murphy, Manager, has more than ten years of EC project management in the areas of education, training and RTD, having coordinated eight and participated in over 25 in this time. He is the facilitator of the knowledge management working group of the European Aquaculture Technology Platform (EATiP).
  • Ms Marieke Reuver, Programme Manager, is a Dutch animal scientist, specialised in animal production systems and aquaculture and fisheries. She has previously worked at the Aquaculture and Fisheries group in Wageningen, and for the FAO in Rome.
  • Mr. Paul Lowen, Scientific Project Officer, is an environmental scientist who has previously worked as an Education officer with the Irish National Parks and Wildlife Service, as an Environmental Consultant and as a Fisheries Officer with Inland Fisheries Ireland.

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