Competences: The Aranykárász BT was founded in 1994, since then it has been carrying out fish farming and related service activities. The enterprise is primarily concerned with pond fish culture and hatchery operations; research and technology development; extension service for smallholders and private enterprises, agricultural trade (including wholesale and retail trade). Among its partners fish farmers and sport fishing associations can equally be found. Two-third of the company’s clientele are domestic consumers, while the remaining one-third consists of mainly Polish, Romanian, Czech and Serbian partners. Aranykárász Bt produces by 90 percent of Common carp and smaller proportions of grass carp, perch, pike-perch, European catfish.

Material resources: The SME Aranykárász Bt farms 80 ha of fish ponds in Csongrád and Békés counties. 50 ha of them are own ponds, while 30 ha are hired ones. The company will provide small experimental ponds for the project experiments nearby to Szarvas. The size of them varies from 1000 to 3000 square meters.

Role: Aranykárász BT will carry out pond experiments with feeding of experimental feeds to Common carp and supplying samples for further experiments and laboratory analyses to partner HAKI. KARAS will take part in the work of WP4 with rearing of Common carp for the whole life cycle (Task 4.1: Fish growth and development) and of WP6 (Task 6.1: Modification of maternal reserves). It will provide fish samples for studies in WP4 – Task 4.2: Metabolic consequences, Task 4.3: Health and disease resistance, Task 4.4: Flesh quality, Task 4.5 Food safety. The enterprise will contribute to water, sediment and plankton sampling for WP5 - Task 5.5: Test environmental effects of plant based diets at system level. KARAS will carry out feeding experiment and hatchery operations in the WP6 related to the studies on maternal effects.

Staff members’ profile:

  • Mr. István Dankó, Executive manager of Aranykárász BT, has been working on pond fish culture more than 35 years ago. In his long career he directed and organised the work of several fish farms, educated domestic and foreign experts, provided extension service, carried out technology development. He is joint chairman of the Hungarian National Fish Producers Association.

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