Competences: INRA is ranked the N°1 agricultural institute in Europe and N°2 in the world. The major aim of the research Unit entitled “Nutrition, Metabolism and Aquaculture”, at INRA St-Pée-sur-Nivelle is to undertake research on fish nutrition, metabolism and feeding in a integrative manner so as to gain basic knowledge on nutrition and metabolism in fish that supports the development of new aquafeed by the industry. The group has longstanding experience in collaborative work with other partners and industry as a whole through national initiatives as well as EU projects (such as AQUAMAX, CONSENSUS, FINEFISH, PEPPA, RAFOA), directly connected with the current proposal, besides other recent projects (Pro-Eel, Promicrobe).

Material resources: The research unit has rearing facilities for fish larval, juvenile and brood stock, and is fully equipped with analytical facilities for studies on nutrition, microbiology, physiology, cellular and molecular biology including direct access to integrative tools. The whole setup is part of the European infrastructure “ARRAINA” and guarantees the capacity to undertake and complete all the proposed tasks. The group has been a pioneer in nutrigenomics while maintaining a strong hold on fish physiology with specific expertise on macro-and micronutrients metabolism, muscle development, reproduction and products quality.

Roles: Besides the scientific coordination of the project (Dr Kaushik), and the lead of WP6 (Dr Panserat), the group as a whole will specifically be in charge of undertaking and coordinating studies with rainbow trout in all the WPs within the contours of the project.

Staff members’ profile:

  • Dr S. Kaushik, director of research in INRA, is recognised as one of the leading world experts in fish nutrition, arguably the leading fish nutritionist in Europe. Besides his scientific expertise in fish nutrition and feeding, he has been directing and co-ordinating major EU programmes in aquaculture (FAR, FAIR, V framework) and was also manager of programme 1 of AquaMax, an FP6 IP. He will be the scientific co-ordinator of the project.
  • Dr F. Médale is the director of the research Unit “Nutrition, Metabolism and Aquaculture”, with more than 20 years of research experience in the nutritional regulation of energy metabolism and feeding-genotype interactions.
  • Dr S. Panserat, is Research Director with particular expertise in glucose metabolism and molecular biology in fish.
  • Dr G. Corraze has more than 20 years of research experience in fish nutrition with particular expertise in lipid metabolism.
  • Dr F. J. Gatesoupe has a longstanding experience on gastro intestinal microbiota in fish, in connection with the nutritional requirements of the host and is recognised as an expert in this area.
  • Dr J. Zambonino has recognised scientific expertise in functional development of the digestive system and metabolic machinery in first-feeding larvae.

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