ARRAINA 1st Technical Booklet - May 2015


The ARRAINA partners are pleased to announce the publication of the first of three technical booklets which were proposed to illustrate the project benefits and facilitate user access to research. This important resource is titled “Feed Ingredients in Aquaculture” and contains a database of aquaculture feed ingredients covering the nutrient composition, functional properties and their effects on feed processing conditions and the physical quality of extruded pellets.

The inspiration behind the development of this booklet was to provide a user friendly resource for aquaculture feed producers which would allow them to understand at a glance the different properties of specific feed ingredients for aquaculture. The information provided in this booklet could serve as common ground for more clear and transparent communication across the aquaculture production chain (farmer, feed producer/retail) and address some unfounded fears and barriers.

The aim is to make these booklets widely available to both targeted stakeholders and society in general, in order to raise awareness on the science based knowledge supporting the development of high-quality, safe and environmentally sustainable aquaculture feeds. This booklet is specifically aimed at aquaculture feed producers, but also targets other industrial segments (e.g. fish farmers, feed additives companies, retailers) and individuals interested in gaining further knowledge on the raw materials that are currently used in the feeds of farmed fish.

To view and download the Booklet, please click on the image below:

1st ARRAINA booklet - image for website


Two further technical booklets are planned to be produced within the timeframe of the project. The second of the series will focus on the nutrient requirements of Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, carp, sea bass and sea bream. The third and final technical booklet will showcase a new integrative tool to predict the effects of alternative aquaculture feeds on fish farmed with known levels of contaminants in relation to food safety by testing the flesh.

 ARRAINA believes that by developing applied tools and solutions of technological interest in collaborations with SMEs, ARRAINA will further strengthen the links between the scientific community and the EU feed industry and will contribute to increasing the productivity and performance of the aquaculture sector leading to competitive advantage to the whole sector at a global level. The most important element of this is the assurance that the appropriate stakeholders are aware of the results generated in ARRAINA and understand specifically how they relate to them.